Ruth gets excited about a lecture that’s due to be given by Professor Camille Windsor on trauma surgery. She tells Toby that he should stay on the floor while she attends the lecture, which he’s more than happy to do. After the lecture, Camille’s observing in the ED, when Toby messes up.

Maggie tells him he mustn’t worry about what Camille or anyone else thinks of him but Toby reveals that the reason he’s so concerned is because Camille is actually his mother. His confidence at an all-time low, and questioning his reasons for working in medicine, Toby later decides to resign.

Elsewhere, Charlie receives a call from Louis’ school to say he son has been excluded for playing truant. At home, Charlie is shocked to find cigarettes, expensive trainers and a roll of £10 notes in his son’s room.

Meanwhile, TC is anxious about his meeting with Human Resources, following the revelation that he’s the author of the derogatory blog.