Toby walks away

Toby is rescued from the river by Jay but the fight for his life has brought back bad memories of past mistakes. Waking up in hospital, Toby finds his father at his bedside who urges him not to give up on his career as a Doctor. But Toby is adamant to leave and admits he is gay to his dad.

An influx of patients from a fatal train crash interrupts Jay’s moment of triumph following his heroics on the river and Toby is forced to pitch in for one more day. Ruth and Toby settle their differences when she turns to him for help with a difficult patient.

In resus, Abby beggs Zoe not to throw her and Sharice out. Zoe guesses that Abby is using Sharice and finds Abby hiding and tells her she wants her gone by morning. Meanwhile, David confides in Toby that he was responsible for the train crash…