Todd calls the police as Phelan does a runner

Todd realises the game is up - while Phelan runs into trouble when he discovers Vinny has scarpered from Corrie

Phelan calls Vinny with the news their scam has been rumbled, but Vinny insists they stick to the plan and travel to the airport together. Todd grows suspicious of Phelan as he leaves the house bidding Eileen a loaded goodbye.

When Todd arrives at the building site and discovers the office has been broken into, he calls the police, while Gail, Andy, David and Sarah discuss Michael’s disappearance. Phelan arrives at Vinny’s ready to set off for the airport, but he makes a shocking discovery…

Roy’s unhappy as Michelle and Cathy come up with fancy ideas for the wedding. Can Brian help his friend?

Tracy quizzes Adam and Daniel about the stranger she caught snooping at No.1.

Rita pampers an excited Gemma with lunch and a new outfit, as she eagerly anticipates meeting Peter Andre at the Good Samaritan Awards.