In an attempt to build bridges Todd offers to take Eileen, Jason and Eva out for dinner. Todd’s pleased and arriving at the bistro he orders champagne. But when Jason warns Eileen that she shouldn’t believe a word Todd says as he’ll only break her heart again, Eileen does a U-turn. Downbeat Todd walks alone in a darkened side street, where he’s mugged by a bunch of youths.

After a successful parents’ evening Anna and Tim are proud of Faye. Having agreed to run the school Christmas auction, Tim’s secretly fearful, knowing he’ll be required to read from a script.

Izzy, Katy, Alya, Beth and Kirk attend Yasmeen’s first aid course. Yasmeen introduces Mark, the first aider, and the girls are instantly smitten. The course over, Katy makes out she has some questions. She’s thrilled when Mark suggests he answers them over a drink.

After a sleepless night, Tracy feels terrible.