Todd lies to protect Jason and Sarah

As Todd explains how Tony confessed to Callum’s murder but made him swear he’d keep schtum, Billy’s appalled at his lies. Todd relates the same story to David, who tells Kylie and Sarah to back up Todd’s story as it’s their only hope. Meanwhile, Billy confronts Todd about why he lied to the police but Todd insists he did the right thing protecting both Jason and Sarah.

Michelle assures a devastated Steve that she never actually had sex with Will. In the cab office, Steve is telling Tim everything when Will calls in and promises Steve that after a roll around on the bed, Michelle got cold feet. Incensed, Steve punches Will but when he returns home, Michelle has her own accusations to make.

Robert offers Nick a job at the bistro working with Leanne as co-manager. But Nick’s unimpressed and Leanne tells Robert if that’s the best he can come up with, she’s quitting her job!

Tim takes Steve back to No.4 to reveal his homemade pub, The Sponge & Bucket. Stuffing a couple of bottles in his own pocket, Craig serves Steve some craft ale.