Tony makes a late entrance to Todd’s birthday meal, much to Eileen’s annoyance. Sean presents Todd with a shirt and Todd makes a point of stripping off, winking at Marcus in the process. He later corners Marcus making it clear he fancies him. A smitten Marcus is unable to resist his charms.

Tyrone and Kirk return from Suffolk with a van load of strawberries for Hayley. The district nurse delivers a wheelchair for Hayley, but she’s underwhelmed and asks Roy to get it out of her sight. Roy takes Hayley a bowl of her favourite strawberries, telling her how her friends joined forces to obtain them. Hayley’s touched.

Kal clocks Dev eyeing up Stella and reckons he should go for it, but Dev insists they’re just friends. Kal remains sceptical, but has he got a plan up his sleeve?

Also, Phelan shows Owen his plans for the mill conversion; Owen admits he’s interested and promises him a firm answer within 24 hours.