Eileen’s ashamed of Todd’s behaviour and remains stoney faced when he suggests he returns to London. Todd, meanwhile, tells Sean a sanitised version of events and Sean’s quickly taken in. Turning manipulative once more, Todd only wishes Eileen could see things from his perspective. Sean tries to plead his case to a disappointed Eileen.

Rattled by his own display of emotion Roy’s retreated back into his shell and focuses all his attention on finishing the bedroom. Worried he’s bottling things up Anna calls in Owen and the troops to take over the decorating. Roy’s uneasy about relinquishing control, but when Hayley arrives home from hospital early he hands over his paint-brush and tries to talk to Hayley about her proposed suicide.

When Grace offers Faye a concert ticket Owen says no, feigning concern for her schoolwork, although it’s clear his real issue is with Grace. Disappointed, Grace attempts to sweet-talk Anna, who is taken in by her act and overrules Owen’s decision.

Also, Steve throws himself into helping Amy with school work, determined to prove he’s a better parent than Tracy.