Todd stirs things between Eva and Jason

As Jason pores over his accounts, he realises he can’t afford to buy a flat just yet. Todd’s secretly pleased and lets slip to Eva that Jason can’t afford it.

David and Eva arrive in the supermarket only to discover the shoplifter is Gemma. Furious, David spots Kylie’s bag and Gemma admits that Kylie was staying with her. Later, he confronts Callum, but it’s clear Callum hasn’t seen Kylie. David leaves, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel when he finds a letter in Kylie’s bag.

Steve attempts to visit Sinead but Chesney sends him packing, making it clear he’s not welcome. Steve heads out feeling terrible about what he has done.

Chesney breaks the news to Sinead that she only imagined the feeling in her legs, leaving her convinced she’s paralysed for life. Sean and Billy enjoy their date in the pub, but it’s cut short when Billy is called away on a work matter.