Todd Grimshaw teams up with Phelan and Vinny!

Phelan and Vinny are shocked when Todd Grimshaw tells them he wants in on their scam.

Realising the game’s up, Todd Grimshaw claims he merely set Billy free from a religion that wouldn’t accept the real him, but Billy’s furious and finishes with Todd.

Meanwhile, Phelan’s shocked when Vinny reveals he’s in debt to some very shady characters and won’t allow anything to jeopardise the development. Vinny and Phelan are gobsmacked when Todd turns up and announces that he wants in on the deal. What’s he up to?

Yasmeen drives Cathy to Alex’s dad Nigel’s house. But when Cathy knocks on the door, a hostile Nigel slams it in her face.

Sharif’s guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia and when she starts criticising Yasmeen, he shouts at her. Sonia’s chastened, but as Sharif places a hand on her back, Alya clocks their intimacy…

Freddie gives Audrey flowers, explaining how Sadie’s friend made him feel guilty about their date and he panicked. Will these two get back together?