Todd thinks Drew is after his man

Todd suspects Drew wants to mess with his relationship in Corrie

Todd’s put out to discover Billy’s arranged to meet Drew for dinner, convinced Drew is planning to split them up.

As Bethany prepares for her date with Neil, Nathan assures her she’ll have Neil eating out of her hand. Determined to win her daughter back, Sarah tells Gary she’s booked a flat viewing on Victoria Street so Bethany can have her own room. Bethany’s gutted as she watches them go, assuming they’re planning a new life without her. Telling Mary she’ll be fine with Nathan, Bethany leaves. Dressed to the nines she meets up with Neil in a bar…

Rosie stakes out Leah’s house. When she emerges with her stepmum, Rosie’s stunned to realise it’s Gina, Sally’s sister!

Steve is shocked to receive divorce papers. Retrieving her passport Tracy tells Steve she’s taking Amy on holiday.