Todd returns home from hospital and Eileen, Jason and Eva fuss round him. Todd points out that if they’d always been this keen to spend time with him, he wouldn’t have been attacked!

Michelle hands Peter an envelope containing Carla’s wedding ring and later Steph lays into him, pointing out that had Tina never met him, she’d still be alive. Ken’s horrified to find a bottle of vodka secreted in Peter’s jacket. At breaking point Peter drops a bombshell on Ken.

With Chesney unable to babysit Joseph, Cilla steps into the breach ,but she falls, damaging her back. She heads off to the doctors leaving Joseph with Craig and Faye. Chesney’s horrified to find his son in the care of Craig and Faye, but he softens when Cilla returns from A&E with a fractured vertebra.

Tim embarks on his first reading lesson with Anna, but Sally knows he is lying about where’s he’s going; Kal’s furious to discover Tony’s not paying Zeedan minimum wage.