Todd’s arrival isn’t exactly welcome!

Eileen tells a shocked Jason that Todd is on his way up for the stag do and wedding and Jason wonders who sent his estranged brother an invitation. Jason bottles telling Sarah when he finds her crying after her supposed best mate Candice fails to return her calls. Todd turns up and is humiliated when Jason confesses that he didn’t invite him. Sarah storms in a flap because the reception room has been double booked and she’s horrified to find her Todd standing there!

Paul turns up at the restaurant with a black eye and Leanne is furious. She tells him that they should be aiming high and acting accordingly. Paul promises Leanne that he’s paid his dues and the heavies won’t return. Leanne backs off when Paul reminds her that she’s hardly whiter than white herself.

Chesney is having a high old time with Kirk looking after him, despite having a bad stomach after eating cold tinned curry for breakfast! Fiz, however, is far from happy with Kirk’s take on childcare and she insists that Chesney move in with her.

Also, Rosie tries to make a very uninterested Liam jealous by implying that she’s got a date with John!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sarah is in pieces over Todd’s appearance but Jason urges Sarah to stem her tears and not give David the satisfaction of spoiling their day. Jason, Todd and the lads head off for their stag do, while Sarah has a wedding dress fitting. Sarah heads over to a window when she hears a loud thumping coming from his car but she rips her wedding dress. Jason is forced to leave his own stag do after an hysterical call from Sarah. But disaster strikes yet again when Jason walks in and sees her in her wedding dress. A superstitious Sarah is convinced their wedding is jinxed.

Rosie is upset when she finds out that Liam is arranging a date with Maria and when Maria phones the factory to confirm a time, Rosie deliberately fails to pass on the message. Maria assumes she’s been stood up after waiting alone at the wine bar.

Fiz is getting heartily sick of hearing about Sally and Rosie from John and she worries that John seems to be turning into the Webster’s social worker. John meets up with Rosie and tries to convince her to return to school.

Also, Chesney tells Fiz he wants to stay with Kirk.