Todd is convinced David killed Callum

Will Todd shop David to the Police in Coronation Street?

Todd confronts David at the graveside, accusing him of being a killer and as the pair square up Billy breaks it up and drags Todd away. As Billy consoles Todd there’s a moment of tenderness between them – which is witnessed by a shocked Sean. Back at number 8, Todd lays into David telling him how Jason is now in hospital because he believed his dad to be a murderer. Unable to stand it any longer, Sarah reveals to a stunned Todd that Kylie killed Callum. David begs Todd not to go the police for the sake of Max and Lily but he refuses to make any promises.

Sean’s heartbroken when Billy explains how sorry he is, but he and Todd are very much in love.

Macca drags Gemma into the ginnel where he threatens to beat her up if she doesn’t retract her statement about Clayton. Suddenly Craig comes to her rescue while Macca does a runner, Craig phones the police. Gemma thanks Craig and calls him a hero.

Eileen’s booking her flight to Thailand, when Sean tells her Billy and Todd are having an affair. Eileen feigns shock and hugs him while Phelan suggests Todd is to blame. But Eileen quickly leaps to his defence and orders Phelan to leave.