Todd’s shocked by Billy’s confession

Billy tells Todd that his brother Lee is a heroin addict and their parents are dead. Todd promises to keep schtum about his family problems but warns him that Sean is becoming suspicious and suspects him of cheating.

At the police station, Izzy’s scared as she realises the seriousness of the injury she inflicted on the officer. And when they find a stash of cannabis down the side of her chair she insists it’s just for pain relief. Gary arrives back from court relieved to have got a suspended sentence but annoyed at Izzy’s lack of support.

When Sally makes a bitchy comment about Jenny, Johnny leaps to her defence. Meanwhile, Jenny overhears Kate saying Johnny’s last girlfriend gave him the runaround but it only made him keener and suggests to Johnny that they stick to being colleagues. Johnny’s hurt and Jenny sets a plan in motion by suggesting she’d like to become a machinist.

After a successful first day at the garage, Freddie calls in the salon with flowers for Kylie. When Audrey suggests a drink, Freddie declines and Kylie clocks her disappointment.