Todie and Sonya renew their vows

Sonya pulls off her surprise!

It’s Christmas Day and also the day of Sonya and Toadie’s vow renewal. Sonya enlists Shane and Angie to help keep her plans a secret, but a surprise visit from an old friend nearly throws the ceremony off course. However, Sonya manages to keep the ceremony a surprise and it’s a day full of love and laughter.

Now that a witness has confirmed that Louise could not have killed Hamish, it looks as though Tyler unintentionally killed him. Piper shares her news with Mark, but Mark says they shouldn’t tell Tyler until Christmas is over. Piper, however, can’t hide the truth from her boyfriend. Will Tyler hand himself in?

Also, Paige and Jack take Gabe hospital when they fear he is unwell. However, Paige and Gabe suffer every parent’s worst nightmare when he is stolen…