Tom and Davina are caught in the act

When Grantly overhears Davina admitting she hasn’t had time to prepare for his lesson, he takes the opportunity to humiliate her. Davina complains to Tom, who fully supports her desire to become a teacher. At Tom’s, the sexual tension overwhelms Tom and Davina who end up in bed together – and Mika catches them.

Rachel’s anxious about which construction firm will win the bid for Waterloo Road’s new training centre – she must back blackmailer Stuart Hordley’s bid or her past will be revealed. At the LEA meeting, Rachel discovers that Councillor Philby is taking bribes from a rival building firm, and threatens to resign if Hordley isn’t chosen.

Elsewhere, Eddie runs into trouble when he decides to give the ‘Lessons for Life’ kids more responsibility by making them school prefects; and Maxine and Janeece begin their work experience placements.