Tom comes clean to Ric

Tom’s father, Ken, arrives at Holby and as he begs Ric to give his son a second chance, Ric blurts out that Tom used to be a drug addict. Ric tells Tom he’ll have to let him go but Tom says he’s leaving anyway. Ken collapses at the wheel of his car and Tom watches, helplessly, as Ken passes away.

When a guilty Ric tells Tom he will be there to help, Tom rejects his offer and decides to come clean about his relationship with Ric’s son Leo. Tom confesses that he was the one who gave the fatal drugs to Leo, and leaves Holby City for good.

Meanwhile, Mark is forced to sleep on the sofa in his flat as Daisha and Lalaine have taken it over. Later, Lalaine brings baby Joe to the hospital with suspected meningitis and Daisha realises that she would struggle to cope without her sister’s help.

Joseph cautiously awaits the arrival of his sister, Sophia, who’s coming to discuss wedding plans. Sophia has some big ideas and is keen to help but both Joseph and Faye would rather a simple service. Eventually they all agree to compromise.

Later, Joseph learns that Sophia is having an affair with one of his patients.