Tom doesn’t want to live with Steph

Steph’s hurt when Tom tells her he’d prefer to move in with the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Anita announces that she wants to move to Middlesbrough, but Ravi and Leila convince her to stay. When Tom overhears Ravi telling Ste that he needs to find a place to stay, he makes Ravi an offer. Eventually, Steph agrees and Ste’s happy when Ravi invites him to live with them.

Newt turns up at Rae’s house and finds her alive. She has no idea who he is, but Lily, Rae’s Nan, identifies Newt as her mugger. Newt bolts when Lily calls the police. Meanwhile, Lauren is ignored by her family. Leo warns her not to get caught up in looking after Newt.

Lauren and Newt turn up at Rae’s house. She asks Newt to take her to the place she’s supposed to have died and he asks Lauren to leave. Lauren goes mad and afterwards is comforted by Leo. Meanwhile, Newt notices Rae’s arm is not injured as it was at the warehouse, he gives back her Nan’s purse and walks off.

Also; Calvin and Steph walk past during Gilly and Cheryl date and they dive in for a kiss to make their dream-dates jealous.

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