Tom exposes Cindy for stealing his money. How can a mortified Cindy defend herself?

Cindy is humiliated when Tom reveals her true colours at the opening of her new food-selling business

Cindy is preparing to make a speech to her fellow villagers at the opening of her new food venture, Cindy’s Hatch, however she’s left red-faced and deeply ashamed when Tom grabs the microphone and exposes her for stealing his money! What will a mortified Cindy do as everyone is disgusted by her actions?

Elsewhere, frustrations flare as Darren and Nancy have a huge row about the state of their faltering relationship. Jack later offers Darren his advice in an emotional heart to heart and warns his son he has too much to lose and should fight to save his marriage. Will Darren take his words on board?

Plus Damon finds himself in an awkward situation after making a discovery about Holly.