As he prepares to leave Hollyoaks, OB reveals to a shocked Steph that he’s planning on taking Tom with him. Mandy insists he can’t take Tom away as he needs stability, but OB insists he made him a promise. However, after giving it some thought, OB gives in and he and Mandy prepare to tell Tom that OB has changed his mind. But Tom overhears their discussion, and upset that no-one seems to want him, runs away.

Finding Tom in the village, Steph explains that everyone wants to keep Tom and she’d be upset if he left. Tom understands that since Max died, Steph needs looking after. With Tom and Steph feeling positive about their future, OB waves goodbye to Hollyoaks.

Newt is concerned about Jack when the television is repossessed and tells the newly returned Lauren he wants to find Eli. After a fruitless search, Lauren heads home, and Eli suddenly appears to warn Newt that he should keep a close eye on Lauren.

Elliot discovers Sarah has become the new face of wind tablet ‘Phart-eaze’ and he and Zak hurry around the village taking down evidence of her embarrassing advertisement. But when Sarah discovers them looking guilty, she blames Elliot for her humiliation.

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