Gilly offers to take Tom to football. Steph arrives in time to watch but is horrified to witness Tom play dirty. He is sent off and taken home by Steph, who can’t apologise enough to Gilly. Back at the flat, Gilly explains to Tom that his behaviour will get him nowhere and Tom apologises. Steph is left alarmed by her sudden unexpected attraction.

Anita, Leila and Ravi realise just how tight money is going to be, so the girls decide to get jobs, making Ravi determined to prove he can manage. He heads to The Dog to ask for work there but ends up frustrated when Suzanne and Neville explain that they can’t employ him. Back home alone, a tea towel catches fire on the cooker. Knowing he can’t make it out on his own, and feeling like a shadow of his former self, Ravi breaks down in tears.

Cheryl starts by playing the perfect housewife but Calvin sees straight through her and warns Cheryl that she still has to leave. The feud between Calvin and Malachy only adds to his stress and knowing this, Cheryl decides to intervene.

Also; Cheryl manages to settle the Malachy and Calvin dispute and also keep her bed at the Valentines’.

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