Teenager Alicia (Ex-EastEnders star Melissa Suffield) is admitted to hospital after fainting at school. Tom recognises her from a previous visit, he the doctor helped her to stand up to her domineering father and asks Zoe if he can take over her treatment.

It soon becomes clear to him that she’s not telling him the whole truth and he’s determined to get to the bottom of why the teenager is experiencing stomach spasms which led to her fainting.

Meanwhile, Linda and Zoe notice Alicia is developing an unhealthy fixation for Tom, and begin to worry that he’s compromising his position by getting too close to her. When it emerges that Alicia is bulimic and only wants Tom to treat her, he is forced to hand her over to the care of another doctor.

Elsewhere, Lloyd and Scarlett disagree when Lloyd flares up after receiving a racist insult.

Also this week, in a dramatic one-off ‘red-button’ special, digital viewers travelled back in time to when Dr Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) was an army helicopter medic based at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

In the episode Sam is preparing to return to England, when her team is called out to a suicide bombing at a civilian teahouse where insurgents are still at large. While tending to the wounded, Sam is forced to make a split-second decision that affects the rest of her life!