OB moves back in with Max and Tom is delighted to have his ‘family’ back together. But when Max is late picking Tom up from school, he’s worried to find that Tom is missing. OB and Tony search for Tom, before calling the police. However, when Max returns to the flat, he discovers Tom is already there – with Clare…

Mercedes feels guilty for lying to Russ, but can’t get Warren out of her head. When Warren turns up at The Dog, his blatant flirting unnerves her, and she begins to question her relationship with Russ. Later, she decides to put their relationship to the test to see if the spark is still there.

Josh is heartbroken over Amy, and refuses to listen to Suzanne who tells him to forget about her. Later, Suzanne is disturbed to see her son following Amy around, and confronts her, telling her she doesn’t want her son hanging around a single mum. But when Amy breaks down, Suzanne begins to feel sympathetic and urges her to come clean to her parents.

Also, Sasha’s still down after being rejected by Justin and turns to Calvin for comfort, leading to Louise and Sasha both vying for Calvin’s attention. But he is forced to play peacemaker when he arrives home to find Sasha and Louise at each other’s throats.