Tom is found out!

A week has passed since Izzie lost her baby, but Tom still hasn’t confessed to her what happened with Stacey.

Izzie has returned to work but, following another attack in the area, is very protective of daughters Chlo and Mika, and doesn’t want them walking home on their own.

Steph is delighted her influence is working when she sees Maxine return to school, and is beginning to feel valued again. But it looks as though Maxine’s rogue boyfriend, Lewis, is trying to lure her back into her old ways.

Tom, meanwhile, is avoiding his pupil, Stacey, and could lose his job if anyone found out what happened between them. But it’s not long before it’s made public, thanks to big mouth Janeece. Tom is hauled before Andrew and Kim, both of whom are appalled and Izzie is livid when she finds out that Tom didn’t tell her

Later, Jack summons Tom to his office and informs him that he may have to call the police as Stacey is only 15. He returns home to try to make amends with Izzie, but she throws him out of the house.

Meanwhile, foolish Stacey is in deep trouble for her actions and ends up walking home alone. And Maxine makes an accidental discovery which leads to the identity of the attacker – Lewis Seddon was right all along.

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