Tom is overwhelmed by the Osbornes’ birthday present

New Year’s Eve arrives in the village, and Ziggy’s plan to rekindle his romance with Ruby backfires. She goes on to disguises her loneliness by turning to Trevor. But when Finn sees her buying cocaine from Trevor he asks if he can share.

It’s Tom’s birthday but he thinks everyone’s forgotten until the Osbornes surprise him with balloons. He’s overwhelmed when Frankie and Jack then present him with adoption papers to make him an official Osborne, leaving Ruby feeling like an outsider.

Jealous of Chloe crashing her NYE with Tilly, Esther tells Carmel that Chloe is planning on partying hard and Carmel asks Chloe to spend a quiet night in with her. At The Dog, Tilly and Esther argue. Tilly rushes to see Chloe to save her from Carmel’s boring game of charades and there’s a charged moment between them. Tilly and Chloe kiss passionately as Esther walks in through the front door, but she doesn’t see them.

Fraser learns about Freddie’s underhand tactics; Finn tells Tony and Diane he wants to see his infant daughter; Jason remains suspicious of Sinead’s secrecy.