Tom is rushed to hospital!

Frankie turns up at the house demanding to speak to Jack. But she’s interrupted when Tom is rushed off to hospital in an ambulance, when Jack finds him burning up and incoherent. The nurse tells them that it’s not serious and is probably down to stress. Meanwhile, the female intruder wakes up and reveals she’d like to talk to Frankie and Jack before she speaks to the police. Frankie demands answers but gets the shock of her life when the girl reveals Frankie is her grandmother.

Nancy despairs while Suzanne and Darren argue over extravagant baby names. She escapes to the pub where she finds a newly returned Silas. He shows her his most treasured possession, an antique ring.

Later, Riley’s new mate Noah sets Lee and Doug a challenge. Whoever proves himself to be the coolest will get the spare room in his flat. Doug wins and when Noah asks for the rent he steals Silas’ ring that has been left on the table.

Also; Carl continues to try and talk Riley out of wasting his time with Mercedes.

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