Tom has a plan to reform the girl’s football team and enlists the help of a friend of his, Captain Andy Watson. The idea is that Andy will use some team-building techniques he’s learned in the Army to get the girls in shape. It’s not football that’s on the mind of one pupil, though, who uses the exercise to exact revenge.

Elsewhere, Tom’s partner, Davina, is having a better time. She’s finally qualified as a teacher, and Rachel offers her a job at Waterloo Road. Davina’s perfect day is very quickly ruined, though, when she discovers that money has gone missing from their joint bank account and Tom shows little interest in her achievements.

And she’s downright furious when she finds out that Tom has lent their money to Rose Kelly. When Davina later sees Rose giving Tom a slap, she wonders if he has been lying to her about his involvement with Rose. Meanwhile, a contrite Tom takes home flowers and a bottle of bubbly, determined to make it up to Davina, but she’s not there…

Kim is still trying to hide the facts from the Home Office. She has Grace tucked away out of sight with Steph – but has she done enough to put the government officials off the scent?