Tom’s family secret is revealed!

Sam makes a shocking discovery about her out-of-control boyfriend…

Tensions are running high between doctors Sam and Tom, who begin this week’s shift with a nasty argument at work. Sam turns up to the hospital with a bagful of her belongings, which she has collected from Tom’s flat while he was out. Furious Tom confronts Sam and accuses her of bailing out on him for showing weakness. Sam, however, insists, the relationship is over following last week’s scuffle when Tom struck her in the face!

Despite Tom’s protestations it was an accident, Sam’s had enough of her boyfriend’s erratic behaviour. Tom has been a ticking time bomb for weeks, suffering from panic attacks and even stealing sedative drugs from work to help him with his anxiety.

Having been rejected by Sam, Tom can’t handle his emotions and turns his anger on young and inexperienced nurse, Robyn. Clinical Nurse Manager Tess is appalled at Tom for yelling at Robyn and threatens to make a formal complaint if he doesn’t change his ways!

Sam, meanwhile, makes a startling discovery about her ex when she finds a letter addressed to him among her things. The letter is from Tom’s biological father, Peter. It’s been sent from prison and makes for emotional reading.

Sam is moved by its contents and confronts Tom with her discovery. She desperately wants to know why he kept such important new information about himself secret from her. But paediatrician Tom, who has known he was adopted since childhood, clams up and Sam, dismayed at being unable to get through to him, walks away.

Will Tom finally face up to his problems?

Elsewhere, Fletch has a job interview at the hospital and, despite a disaster with his suit, ends up getting a promotion.