Steph drops Tom off at Darren’s and reminds him that Hannah is fragile. Hannah heads to work leaving a thoughtful Darren to play games with Tom. He decides to take to Tom to The Dog for lunch to catch up with Hannah, when Tom admits that he’s skiving school.

Hannah joins them and Darren notices that she is a little drunk. As Darren warns Hannah about her drinking, Tom has been drinking a left over cocktail. Jack, Frankie, Jake and Steph walk towards The Dog, when Tom emerges and throws up. He’s taken to hospital and diagnosed with a hangover.

Elliot explains that the call centre team are trying their best, but Sheila creates a new script for them, promising customers that they will be entered into a fictional prize draw. So the team storm out. Later, Sheila tells Elliot that she has been offered a new job, asking him to go with her. He tells her he can’t, and they break up.

Also; It’s Jacqui’s first day of her new job as a dinner lady at Hollyoaks High and she lunges at Gaz in the dinner queue. Later, Jacqui explains to him that Gaz had mugged Mercedes. Des confronts Gaz, making him aware that he knows his Dad.

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