Steph’s organised a surprised party or Toms birthday. With Fernando unable to attend, Gilly stands in, making Frankie suspect he has feelings for Steph. She takes the opportunity to tell Steph her theory she tells her Gilly’s not interested in Tom, he’s just using him to get close to her. Unbeknown to Frankie, a heartbroken Tom can hear everything.

Zoe bumps into Lydia in the village and they talk about their shared kiss but to Lydia’s disappointment Zoe tells her they can’t be more than friends. Lydia asks Zoe to meet her at Sarah’s grave so they can explain their relationship and get her blessing.

Lydia talks to Amy who informs her that Zoe’s leaving, she panics and turns to Charlotte as she is the only one who knows her secret. Charlotte tells her she’s happy to reveal her secret. Meanwhile, sticking to her word Zoe goes to meet Lydia at the church. As Lydia pushes Zoe to tell Sarah about their relationship. She can’t do it and runs off.

Also; Hannah’s back in the eating disorder unit. As Darren arrives at the hospital Suzanne is angry but knows that if anyone can talk to Hannah, he can. When Hannah blanks Darren, Suzanne’s at a loss how to help Hannah.

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