Tom’s day in court arrives…

Tom’s day in court arrives and he’s terrified that he’ll go to jail. Jack and Gilly reassure him that Esther will be there and on his side too. But as Esther takes the stand she is faced with some tough questions. Tom gives his evidence, and apologises to Esther, when his evidence doesn’t seem to swing the court Esther snaps and leaps to Tom’s defense. It doesn’t help though and Tom is found guilty.

Noah flirts with Ste, giving him a free one day trial and asking him out for a drink. But Ste is incensed when Noah thinks he’s gay and storms out.

Brendan uses Doug to sell his drugs. He tries to resist but when Brendan tells him he has no choice the bad lad ends up in more trouble.

Also; Mitzeee invites Brendan over to meet his mum and he brings Cheryl to take the heat off them. Cheryl and Mitzeee continue to wind each other up and despite Brendan charming Mitzeee’s mum they have to leave early; Warren pays Ethan a visit to stop him shopping Theresa; Gilly tries to convince Jacqui of the truth but she heads to the police station.

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