Tom’s led astray by Lauren and Newt

Summer helps OB look for Tom around the village, reassuring him that they don’t have to tell Max just yet, and cancels her audition to stay with him. Meanwhile, over at the Valentines, Tom, Newt and Lauren are having a great time. Decked out in dog collar and guyliner, excited Tom begs Lauren and Newt to let him stay longer. Newt agrees, and heads out to the village for some pizza, where he’s shocked to encounter a search party for Tom!

Newt and Lauren sneak Tom back to the village where OB and Summer are relieved to find Tom safe and sound. But Summer soon realises what Tom’s been up to when she sees his make-up and confronts Newt and Lauren. Infuriated by their blasé behaviour, she decides to tell the police what they’ve been up to.

Nancy and Jake are in shock at the news that Charlie has leukaemia. Traumatised Jake insists there must be a mistake, but Nancy is determined to find a way to help Charlie. As the pair row, Nancy begins to realise that Jake isn’t the man she thought he was.

Also, after John-Paul chickens out, Robin makes the first move, leaving John-Paul ecstatic, unable to believe he’s just bagged the fittest bloke in Hollyoaks.

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