Andy was right to worry about what the villagers would think of his sudden desire to live with Debbie. Edna and Pearl think it’s the perfect titbit to chew over with their drinks, so Debbie decides to give them something to really get their teeth into – she tells them she and Andy are back together and they’re having another baby to save Sarah. The baby part’s true, but they’re not really back together.

Still, life is hard for their partners, Alicia and Cameron. He wants to be with Debbie and she won’t let him and Alicia’s worried about the sleeping arrangements and needs reassuring from Andy that he’s definitely sleeping on the sofa. It’s a tricky situation…

Nikhil’s got his own awkward situation to deal with: he has to face the fall-out from his fight with Nicky. He makes a heartfelt apology to Gennie, which she accepts. But she won’t accept him.

Declan has accepted Mia is Jai’s daughter, not his, although he loves her like his own. It’s understandable, then, that he finds it hard to see her – except Katie doesn’t understand because she doesn’t know the truth. She pushes Declan to contact Mia and he gives in, telling her Mia’s coming for a visit – a visit that you know will end in tears, one way or another.