Tonight’s the night to make a baby!

It seemed like such a good idea to Debbie at the time… She and Andy made a baby together once, so why shouldn’t they do it again? Well, where do we start? When they were teenagers they thought they were in love and having sex was a romantic adventure. Sarah wasn’t part of their plans then. Now, they’re (a little bit more) grown up and the sex isn’t about romance, it’s all about Sarah and making a saviour sibling for her. Still, Debbie goes to Andy’s place to do the business, but she just can’t! She leaves, embarrassed, and Andy’s humiliated.

Cain is in a determined mood, but is he determined to tell the police the truth about who attacked him? He certainly tells Charity the whole truth and then he asks Aaron to drive him to the police station so he can change his statement.

Ashley’s finally ready for a bit of honesty with Laurel and is ready to confess what their weekend away has really been all about. He orders champagne, tells her he loves – then tells her he’s gone for a new job and asks her how she feels about moving to their new parish. What? When???