Tony and Carla prepare to celebrate their wedding, while Pat is surprised at the animosity towards Tony from Emily, Jed and Kevin. Leanne arrives at Carla’s flat half expecting her to have done a bunk, but Carla is determined to go ahead with her nuptials and arrives at the hotel looking every bit the blushing bride. As the bagpipes play, Carla walks down the aisle to marry a delighted Tony.

Sally gets tipsy at the reception and when she sees an upset Maria going outside she follows her. Maria breaks down and tells Sally about her ‘perfect’ Liam and Sally blurts out that Liam was having an affair with Carla! Maria is devastated when Sally snatches Rosie’s mobile and shows Maria the footage of Liam and Carla’s kiss to prove it. Maria is determined to confront Carla, but the happy couple have already left on honeymoon…

Steve has pushed Michelle to the brink by leaving the kitchen messy and not getting ready for the wedding in time. Steve hides his delight when Michelle tells him to stay behind while she goes to the ceremony as it means he can spend time with Becky.

Also, Ken rows with Peter over his terrible parenting skills; Norris has a drink with Mary.