Tony and Gabby get to know each other

Tony and Gabby get to know one another and it’s clear they’ve got chemistry. He tells Gabby about the break in, and it seems to come as no surprise. Gabby asks him to do her one last favour; retrieve a note she left for her husband. Against his better judgement, Tony agrees. When he gets the letter back to Gabby, she finally tells him the truth.

Newt tries to tell Darren that Shelley’s changed and that she’s been explaining her plans for a new home with him. Shelley thinks she and Newt should celebrate their new start and she sends him out to get takeaway. When he returns, Shelley’s gone and left him holding the baby.

Rhys tells Suzanne he’s got a surprise planned, a romantic dinner for her and Neville. Suzanne’s reluctant, but doesn’t want to disappoint Rhys. However, Neville’s still demanding about his bad back, and Suzanne feels jealous, knowing Darren’s with Cindy. The night is a disaster.

Also; Cindy’s determined to increase profits before Tony returns home. Meanwhile, Ste tells Elliot his education isn’t worth anything in the real world. So Elliot proves himself by coming up with ‘The Planets’, a strange dessert that a thrilled Cindy thinks will cause profits to soar.

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