Tony and John fight

Miles is cooking a special dinner for Jill when Tony and Rachel pop round. Miles invites them to stay. Jill is running late and Romeo looks for her. He sees her with John and suspects they’ve been drinking. Jill apologises for being late and assures Romeo that she’s only had juice. Romeo is furious that Jill’s been with John, who’s supposed to be dating Gina.

Jill insists she’s just trying to make friends. Romeo begrudgingly apologises and invites John to join them for dinner. The room comes to a standstill when John arrives. Tony is furious. He and John take their heated conversation outside and have a poor excuse for a fight. As Jill nurses John, they embrace. But when he wakes up next to Jill, he’s regretful.

Lijuan takes over Leah’s kitchen. Leah says she has to work and escapes to the diner. Elijah realises his mum will soon be taking over their whole lives. Lijuan and Song arrive with some food for Leah and Elijah. They admit they’re putting pressure on Leah and Elijah and decide to stay at a hotel that night. But before long they’re back – they had an argument with the hotel staff!

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