Tony and Mandy grow closer…

Warren is infuriated as Mandy and Tony rekindle the old spark. It seems he’s losing his grip on his accomplice, to make matters worse the secret threat texts are coming in thick and fast. Then he strikes lucky and finds the phone sending the texts in the spa. Meanwhile, Tony and Mandy share an intimate moment when Warren barges in and confronts Tony. But Mandy steps and in and reveals she’s been sending the texts.

Carl tells Mercedes that Heidi has scarring on her chest from the boiling water. Mercedes tells him that it wasn’t his fault but much to her surprise he spitefully blames Mercedes for Heidi’s accident. Later, Riley tells Mercy that his friends sent the stupid text she received and she finally tells him she loves him.

Gilly and Jack realize that Frankie isn’t coping with Esther arrival. It’s clear that she’s still grieving for Steph, while Mandy piles on the pressure for Tom to stay with her. When Jack and Gilly tell Esther she must leave they don’t bank on her blackmailing them, saying she knows Tom hit her and will tell the police.

Also; Nancy gives Darren her wedding ring back and they share a heartfelt goodbye.

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