It’s the day of Rachel and Tony’s wedding and Belle and Aden are discussing Geoff’s outburst at Belle. She’s worried about being the subject of town gossip. Before the wedding, Belle is stressed. While deciding on which purse to take, she finds some old pills. Annie arrives and Belle panics, shoving the pills back into the purse.

As Rachel is busy getting ready with the girls, Tony is reminded of Jack and Hugo comforts him. The ceremony begins but there’s tension. Belle is struggling, Geoff is angry with her and Xavier is trying to hide the fact that Brendan caused Roman’s accident.

Tony and Rachel exchange vows and Rachel makes a heartfelt speech, declaring her love for Tony. When Aden looks for a pen in Belle’s purse he finds the pills. Belle tells him how she found them but Aden doesn’t believe her. Belle pops a pill. As Rachel throws her bouquet, Belle collapses and her heart stops beating.

Gina’s suspicions are aroused by Brendan’s talk of ‘not meaning to’ and ‘the blue car’. When Xavier and Brendan disappear from the wedding, Gina looks for them. Xavier is struggling to keep Brendan silent. He tells Brendan that people won’t understand that he didn’t mean to hurt Roman. Gina arrives and demands an explanation.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 5*

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