Tony arranges Carla’s murder!

Tony finally arrives, after holding up the start of the Christening. But no sooner have proceedings started than his phone goes and he hot foots it out of the church once more, much to Maria’ distress. Tony soon realizes that this time it isn’t Carla waiting for him, but Jimmy, and Tony has the upper hand. Just as Carla had threatened him with the police Tony tells an agitated Jimmy that the time has come for him to get rid of Carla once and for all, otherwise he’ll have no choice but to tell the police everything.

Tony is not making idle threats and having no other choice Jimmy agrees. Back in the Church Tony takes his place beside a relieved Maria and prepares to renounce evil – knowing all the while that he has just signed Carla’s death warrant.

Norris is less than pleased with the noise Joe is making working on his boat, but Gail sticks up for him despite not being best impressed with the boat herself.

Also; Molly explains to Kevin that Tyrone’s Birthday present of a home gym is going to make it very difficult for her to sneak off to the motel.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla waits at the factory for Tony but whilst standing there she hears a noise and, unnerved, leaves and heads back to her flat. Taking a call from her Tony realises his plans are unravelling and tells Jimmy to make his way to the flat. It’s time for Jimmy to carry out his final task for Tony. But as the clock ticks Tony starts to have second thoughts about the plan and tries desperately to get hold of Jimmy and call off the hit.

Tony can’t get through to Jimmy and realises he must try and get to Carla’s flat before Jimmy does. But as Carla gets ready for bed she is confronted by the menacing figure of Jimmy, she’s frightened but knows she must fight for her life. Jimmy launches himself at her and a struggle ensues.

Tony needs to create a distraction and tells Maria that he wants a breath of fresh air as he races to the flat. As he rushes to make it in time he wonders whether he will have the blood of another murder victim on his hands.

Also, Carla is left wondering what to do next.