Tony attacks Aleksander

Jacqui is inconsolable after being told that she will not be able to have children, and Tony is desolate at not being allowed to comfort her. But he’s furious when Jacqui packs her things and leaves, after telling him everything he touches dies.

At the McQueen’s, Myra tries to console her anguished daughter, telling her it’s not too late for her and Tony. Meanwhile, it all gets too much for Tony when Aleksander accepts Jack’s condolences over the baby and ends up attacking him, just as Jacqui walks in…

During a shift in The Dog, Spike delights in winding Craig up, leading him to do a disappearing act which frustrates Jack. Suspecting he’s gone upstairs with John-Paul, Spike stirs by telling Jack that Craig said something about going for a lie down.

Jack storms into Craig’s room, but assumes it’s Sarah hiding under the duvet. Craig is relieved Jack is none the wiser but worries what will happen now that Spike knows about his secret relationship.

After receiving another letter from the bailiffs, a worried Jessica heads over to Jack’s to view his ‘junk.’ She feels guilty when she pays Jack a paltry £20 for his stuff, but receives £100 commission from Adam.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday September 12*