Tony attacks Callum! (VIDEO)

Todd overhears Sean and Billy discussing how Jason might need a kidney transplant, while Jason remembers being kicked and thinks that the voice that he heard was Callum’s. As Callum approaches his car, Tony grabs him and drags him into the ginnel and as he gives Callum a beating he demands the names of his two accomplices.

Lloyd tries to creep down the Rovers stairs to make his exit, but Steve appears and Lloyd beats a hasty retreat back to Liz’s room. When Steve later catches a sheepish Lloyd descending down the stairs he assumes he has good intentions towards his mother and Lloyd is shocked that Liz thinks they have a future together.

Mary cajoles Emily, Craig and Tim into signing up for Cathy’s art class, while Cathy appears nervous and Roy tries to reassure her it will be fine.

Liz has a change of heart about Rover and so Steve proudly declares himself the dog’s owner. When Carla leaves him to manage another client meeting alone, Aidan confronts her over her gambling problem.