Tony attends Jacqui’s baby scan

Dominic tries to patch up things between Tony and Jacqui after Jacqui goes to hospital alone for her 12-week scan. Dom has to comfort his brother when Tony laments the fact that Aleksander is getting all the congratulations, and his name won’t be on the birth certificate either.

Tony tells Dom his relationship with Jacqui feels like hard work, but Dom reminds him that it was not all plain sailing with Mandy either, and tries to convince him to join Jacqui at the hospital before it’s too late.

Chronic dieting begins to affect Hannah as her appearance changes and hunger and stomach cramps set in. She ends up breaking down in tears, witnessed by Gilly who warns her to stay off drugs, before accusing her of being too easily influenced by Melissa.

Hannah is furious and sends Melissa to warn him off. However, Gilly dismisses Melissa’s accusations that he is jealous of her friendship with Hannah, leaving Hannah to contemplate desperate measures…

Zak is upset when Adam arrives in the village and hands Jessica a wad of notes, but only gives him a fiver.

Clare is clearly rattled when the lads in the village start behaving oddly towards her, and OB warns her that whoever tried to kill her may try again…

*Screened on TV3, Friday September 7*