Tony, Carla, Liam and Maria arrive at the hotel for their weekend away. Maria thinks the hotel is lovely, but a guilty Carla and Liam are still suspicious about Tony’s motives. When Tony announces that he has booked the girls into the spa while he takes Liam on a tour of the local caves, Liam starts to feel uneasy and wonders what Tony is planning.

Kevin talks Sally into calling the police about the lottery money in Rosie’s name. The police visit the factory to quiz the other girls, sending Janice into a blind panic. Janice tries to stop Leanne spending any more money, but Leanne is adamant she is going to give Dan the money to buy the bookies.

Jason is in turmoil after discovering that Sarah is thinking about coming home and confesses his feelings to Bill. Bill urges Jason to think about what he is doing setting up home with Becky when he clearly still has feelings for Sarah. But Becky is forging ahead with the plans, borrowing the flat deposit off Roy and even has her eye on a sofa.

Also, Amber tells a stunned Darryl that she has seen Teresa tottering around drunk in the precinct.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam is terrified as he follows Tony into the cave, but he makes a nervous joke about it. As they head deeper into the darkness of the underground cavern, Liam feels increasingly worried about what Tony is up to. Tony persuades Liam to go to the top of a precipice, but after his fall in the Lake District the last thing Liam wants to do is stand on the edge of a steep drop. Tony urges him to come closer on the pretext of asking him a question and puts his hand menacingly on Liam’s shoulder.

Kevin and Sally are feeling the pressure of Rosie’s disappearance, so Sally resorts to drafting in John to help with a list of Rosie’s old school friends. Meanwhile, Janice hides the bank card so that Leanne can’t draw any more money out of the account while Rosie is missing.

Becky enthusiastically plans the move into her love nest with Jason, while Jason is back at home on the phone to Sarah, immersed in an intimate conversation. When Jason eventually turns up at the builder’s yard, Becky is too excited about their move to notice his sudden reluctance.

Also, Mel moves out when Darryl moves Teresa back in.