Tony breaks out of jail!

Robbie continues to befriend Roy. Feigning interest in trains after listening to Roy’s conversations Robbie invites him to a rail convention the next day. Oblivious that he is walking into a trap Roy readily agrees.

Robbie later introduces himself to Carla. He asks her if she has any seconds to offload and keen to get rid of the Rickson order she invites him to the factory for a meeting tomorrow. Robbie updates Tony on his progress telling him that the factory staff have been laid off while the builders are in.

Tony instigates a fight back at the prison and suddenly collapses clutching his chest, assuming it’s a heart attack the police call an ambulance. As it speeds towards the hospital Robbie’s van suddenly appears and forces the ambulance off the road. As the guards stagger out a masked Tony holds them at gun point forcing them to free Tony.

Also, Deirdre speaks to Tracy in prison, Tracy assures her she’s telling the truth and testifying against Gail so she can spend more time with her daughter. Deirdre begs her to reconsider. Back in the court room Gail’s frustrated as she listens to the prosecution label her a cold-hearted killer. They then call their first witness, Tracy Barlow.

*Second episode, 9.00pm*

Tony and Robbie make their getaway, and while Carla’s working late at the factory she gets a phonecall from the police telling her Tony’s escaped. Fearing she’ll be a target for Tony she heads to the pub to be with Trev. Meanwhile, Sunita is preparing to move in with Maria when she spots Tony lurking near the flat, unaware of who he is and noticing his bruises she invites him inside.

Tony learns from Sunita that Maria‘s in Ireland, and decides to sneak out when the memories become too painful. But news of Tony’s escape has now reached the entire street and Sunita’s shocked to learn that her visitor was a fugitive. Meanwhile, Carla is terrified so Trev takes her home – but a menacing Robbie is watching from the shadows.

Tracy tells the court that Gail admitted she’d killed her husband. Gail breaks down calling her a liar. As Gail is restrained David spots Tina leaving for court back on the street. He pleads with Tina to be careful what she says about Gail, but Jason and Graeme defend her. In court Tina takes the stand, breaking down under cross-examination. Her emotional testimony makes a strong impact on the jury.

Also, Gail is worried about the days events back in her cell.

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