Whitney continues to defy Tony, but she cracks in the face of his indifference and begs him to forgive her. Whitney is devastated when Tony tells her that she’s not his sweet little girl any more. Tony packs a bag to leave, but when Lauren calls round to see Whitney creepy Tony eyes her up and decides it might be worth staying… Later, Bianca asks Tony to marry her and he half-heartedly agrees. Whitney is devastated.

Ronnie needs to get her post, but Archie is preventing her and she asks Danielle to look for it in the flat when she does her cleaning. Archie catches Danielle looking for Ronnie’s post and gets her to call Ronnie and say that the coast is clear. Ronnie arrives and is confronted by Archie, who goads her about using Danielle to snoop for her.

Stacey is frustrated when Bradley thwarts her attempts to tell her she doesn’t want a baby. Meanwhile, Max has seen Callum talking to Stacey and realises that there’s a spark between them. Max confronts Stacey and tells her that Bradley has a right to know.

Also, Jack tells Tanya they could be in France by the end of the month; Yolande argues with Dot over her choice of Harvest Festival song.

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