Tony carries out his deadly plan

Tony is determined to do away with Liam once and for all and after the paintballing he puts his deadly plan into action. Back on the Street, Liam is crossing the road when he is knocked over by a hit-and-run car and left for dead in the road…

Kevin is pleased when Pam and Molly invite him and Sophie round for dinner to take their minds off the events of the last few days. With Sally away looking for Rosie, Kevin is grateful to have someone to talk and is thankful to Tyrone, whom he knows has organised it.

Amber and Darryl are enjoying each other’s company and things are about to progress to the bedroom when they are rudely interrupted by Tina and David. The teens turn up at the flat after having supper with Gail, Joe and Ted, and Amber and Darryl are dismayed.

Also, Dan flirts with Kelly in front of Leanne.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is devastated after Liam’s death and she can’t believe he has been so cruelly taken from her before she even had the chance to tell him about their baby. Carla is also grief-stricken, but knows she has to hide the depths of her feelings from Tony, unaware that he knows exactly what has been going on. The police turn up to investigate the ‘accident’, but Tony escapes suspicion and he hopes that he has committed the perfect murder…

Tina and David are making themselves at home in Dev’s flat and thwarting Darryl and Amber’s plans for a night of passion. A frustrated Amber pretends her dad is on his way home to get rid of them, but by the time they leave the moment has gone. Darryl tells Amber that he really likes her and he doesn’t mind waiting.

Kevin is in a terrible state worrying about his two daughters and he pours his heart out on the phone to Sally. Sophie comes in and is shocked when her dad struggles to pull himself together.

Also, Pam is astonished at Tyrone’s selling expertise and reckons the two of them could make a fortune, but Tyrone doesn’t want Molly to know what he is up to.