Tony collapses!

Maria sets off for Cyprus and Tony promises to fly out and join her in a couple of days for the holiday of a lifetime. Making sure everything’s in order before he leaves he offers Sally Rosie’s old job at the factory, which she’s quick to accept. But Rosie on the other hand is fuming. He then sets up a web cam and chats to Maria to see how things are going. But as Tony leaves Underworld, confident he’s now back on track, he suddenly suffers chest pains and collapses.

Michelle’s furious to find Jake the builder on her roof again and calls the police. After a good talking to Michelle’s about to let him off but when Jake attempts another cheeky kiss the police haul him down to the station.

Pam puts pressure on Molly to come clean to Tyrone about her affair. Molly’s in turmoil, she knows Tyrone will be devastated and can’t bear to end it all with Kevin. But when Kevin tells her they need to talk, she worries that this time he’s going to dump her.

Also; Ashley heads off for his vasectomy again. But it’s touch and go as to whether he can finally go through with it.

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