Tony confesses all to Roy!

Tony struggles to breathe outside the factory and it becomes clear he’s fighting for his life. Roy finds him and phones for an ambulance. At the hospital the doctor tells Roy that Tony is unlikely to survive the night. As Roy tries in vain to contact Maria he’s forced to keep a vigil at Tony’s bedside, listening patiently to Tony talk about his family history of heart disease. Thanking Roy for getting him to hospital Tony makes it clear he knows he’s only got a few hours left and asks Roy to stay with him. Roy settles down and prepares for a long night.

Molly‘s relieved when Kevin says he doesn’t want to end their affair but suggests they lie to Pam, by telling her their relationship is over and then resuming once the dust has settled. But it all hangs on whether Molly will be able to convince Pam that she and Kevin have seen the error of their ways.

Michelle’s stunned when Jake calls in the pub wrapped only in a towel. Asking her out for dinner he says if she refuses he’ll drop the towel.

Also; Simon’s put out when Peter won’t let him go trick or treating.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Roy keeps a vigil at Tony’s bedside he slips in and out of consciousness. Convinced Roy’s the last man he’ll ever speak to Tony suddenly grabs his hand claiming he has a confession to make. Roy’s stunned as he rambles about how he killed Liam. But before Roy can ask any questions Tony suffers another massive heart attack and Roy is ushered from the room while they try to resuscitate him. As Roy stands outside the hospital, the enormity of Tony’s confession starts to sink in.

Michelle’s impressed when Jake takes her to a posh restaurant. Despite her initial reservations she enjoys herself and letting her guard down she tells him all about Paul, Liam and Dean. As he takes her home Jake tries his luck again.

Peter nips out, while Leanne dresses Simon up as a ghost and makes him hide behind the door ready to scare his dad. But when Peter arrives home with his hands full he kicks the door open which hits Simon in the face. Leanne feels terrible as they take Simon to casualty.

Also; Pam tells Kevin she’s glad his affair with Molly is over, warning him to stay away from her in future. Kevin decides to play along with the lie.

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