Tony confesses everything to Carla

Carla is left alone in the deserted factory with Tony and demands some answers, but Tony is evasive. Carla won’t let it drop and she starts to see cracks in Tony’s armour as she finally tells him exactly what Liam meant to her. A devastated and beaten Tony can only listen as Carla tells him how much she loved and still loves Liam. With nothing left to fight for, Tony finally tells a stunned Carla that he was responsible for Liam’s death.

Gail reluctantly agrees to go for a drive with Anna, who takes her to the prison and issues an impassioned plea to Gail asking her to get Tina to change her story so that Gary can escape a prison sentence. But Gail thinks Tina is telling the truth and insists to Anna that she is doing the right thing giving evidence against Gary.

Steve and Lloyd have a heart-to-heart and realise that they can’t let a woman ruin their friendship and that includes Steve’s mum! Liz is delighted that they are friends again, but less than impressed when she discovers that Steve is taking Lloyd on a lad’s night out.

Also, Vicky needs to go back to Poland to nurse her ill mum.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla stares incredulously at Tony as he calmly confesses to the murder of Liam. Although she had started to suspect he was behind Liam’s death nothing could have prepared her for hearing the truth and his reasons for what he did. She starts to fear for her own safety and tries to figure out a way to escape. Salvation comes in the form of Vicky, who arrives at the factory to tell them she is going back to Poland.

Carla is terrified and manages to open the locked door, despite Tony’s protestations. He is keen to get rid of Vicky and resume his conversation with Carla, but she manages to get in her car. Tony throws himself on the bonnet to stop her leaving, but she speeds off, leaving a devastated Tony in the road.

Steve and Lloyd prepare for their big night, but Liz is still concerned especially when Norris disapproves of the dive where Lloyd and Steve are going. Steve is also less than impressed when he discovers that Lloyd has duped him into attending a singles’ night!

Also, Mary invites Norris on a cruise with her and her mother, but he turns her down and refuses to believe Rita’s claims that Mary is falling for him.

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